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Vineyard cabins

A reminder of the Médoc's architectural heritage and a typical sight in the region, small cabins are scattered around the vineyards. They were formerly used as shelters for workers during inclement weather as well as tool sheds. Furthermore, the cabins housed chickens and ducks that helped winegrowers by eating snails that could have destroyed an entire crop.

We renovated our five cabins.They have been given new roofs and their stone walls cleaned. They are now a beautiful sight to behold when taking a walk through the vines.

In 2012, we marked out a trail approximately 4 km long. This wends its way through the vines, going past the cabins as well as our carrelet (fishing hut on stilts). Going along this trail is a very pleasant way to soak up the unique atmosphere of the vineyard, view the river, and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Sociando-Mallet - The vineyard cabins
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Discover the "cabin trail"

On your mobile phone, leaving from the Sociando cellars

You can discover the 6 points of interest by using your smartphone starting at the Sociando cellars

Sociando-Mallet - Discover the route of the cabins
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Chai de Sociando 1Sociando Cellar
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Orme 2 Orme
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Ribeous 3 Ribeous
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Carmail 4 Carmail
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Mapon 5 Mapon
  • Sociando-Mallet - Cabanes - Carrelet 6 Carrelet

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